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Chembond Chemicals Ltd., is a people-driven company. We believe our employees are our biggest assets and we treat them as we would our best customers. We nurture talent and appreciate and reward hard work and loyalty. Several of our managers have grown in the organization through their commitment and teamspirit.
When you join Chembond group you are part of a culture that is a healthy blend of tough fast paced professionalism and yet there is an open, warm and friendly atmosphere - almost like home.
Why Chembond Coating?
The work culture at Chembond is based on the fundamental belief that employees are its most important asset. Respect and genuine concern for each employee in the organization is the basic principle on which the organization functions. We believe that by giving mutual respect, recognition, trust, open communication, transparency and opportunities for growth, employees will perform to their fullest potential and will be sincere, dedicated and committed to their jobs.
HR Philosophy
The HR system at Chembond pays considerable attention to the Salary-Structure, Welfare Administration, Working Conditions etc. as these are some of the factors that are necessary for creating the right kind of work environment. Our HRD is committed to identify latent skills and groom young professionals to be future leaders. Seminars, professional and self-improvement courses are regularly conducted to ensure each employee is able to perform at optimum level. However, it doesn't stop here. Factors such as Rewards, Recognition, Training & Development and the nature of the job itself, are essential for the true development of human resources.
Chembond also strives to increase not only the efficiency our operations, but also the overall quality of our work environment and our contribution to society as a whole.
At Chembond we are trying to harness the potential of employees to the fullest extent so that they become Super Excellent Employees and give Superlative Performance.
Chembond offers our employees a wide range of benefits to make work and life more enjoyable. This includes monetary rewards in recognition of excellent work, sports and fitness facilities and many other benefits that show how valued our employees are.
Recruitment Process
Recruitment is considered an extremely important activity at Chembond since it builds the foundation for the entire intellectual capital of the Company and ensures Quality Culture in the Organization. It is evident that our careful recruitment process has given us an undisputed edge in the competitive world.
At Chembond recruitment is done at Staff, Managerial and Operator Level. For recruitment at Staff & Managerial Level, more emphasis is given to the Attitude, Openness, Adaptability & Teamwork capabilities of the candidate along with his job knowledge and relevant skills. Before starting the Recruitment process, HR does a deep analysis of the job requirements and lists down the preferred traits and skills required by the candidate to perform job effectively.
We have been looking for good and efficient people and having experience in the structural coating & floor coating, paint industry, if you would like to join us, kindly email your resume to us on the email id mentioned below with the subject as "Job Application" and we will get back to you if you match our requirements.
Come to Chembond - if you have the potential to fly we provide you with wings and the sky is not the limit.
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