Industrial Floor Coating FAQs
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B   Industrial Floor Coating FAQs
  General Product Questions
1. Why does a floor need any protection?
2. Where can I apply/use the epoxy flooring?
3. What should I look for before selecting flooring?
4. Do I need to recoat my concrete floor every year with epoxy finish?
5. How does Chembond Coatings Flooring work?
6. Why should I install epoxy finish on my floor?
7. Will Chembond Coatings floor finish scratch?
8. What will sunlight do to floor finishes?
9. How do I maintain an epoxy floor finish?
10. Will the epoxy finish peel?
11. How long will my epoxy floor finish take to install?
12. Will the epoxy flooring have aesthetic appeal?
13. What makes a better paint? Do more expensive paints contain more durable       pigments and resins?
14. What basic ingredient gives paint its hiding power?
  Installation Questions
1. How to install Chembond Coatings Epoxy Flooring?
2. Does the concrete/surface need to be prepared before you apply the coating?
3. Can I put Chembond Coatings Flooring epoxy finish over pre-existing     coatings?
4. What is the mixing process?
5. What is the working time with Chembond Coatings Epoxy Flooring?
6. Does temperature affect the application of Chembond Coatings epoxy floor     finish?
7. Does humidity affect the application of Chembond Coatings epoxy floor     finish?
8. Does moisture content of substrate affect the Chembond Coatings epoxy floor     finish?
9. Is there any safety measures necessary to be taken care while apply a     coating?
10. If I have new concrete will I need to wait to install the epoxy flooring?
  Technical Questions
1. What is the difference between PU, Epoxy and EPU floor coating?
2. Which factors determine the flooring system?
3. What is a safe skid resistance?
4. What does 100% solids epoxy mean?
5. What is V.O.C.?
6. Does the anti-skid make the floor harder to clean?
7. What is ESD (Conductive/Static Dissipative/Anti static) flooring?
8. Does the substrate profile affect the floor coatings?
9. How long before I can use my newly coated floor?
10.Will cracks appear in the coating at the joints or cracks of concrete when       concrete expand and contract with varying temperatures?

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