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Chembond's high performance coatings are formulated to suit tropical and industrial conditions, offering the very best in corrosion protection as well as appearance. Modern business conditions warrant that coating selection and application result in the least downtime, provide extended life before repainting and protect the value of your investment. A result of our continuing development efforts, Chembond Coatings has a product or system to suit your application. In addition to conventional epoxy, polyurethane, chlorinated rubber based coatings, Chembond coatings has cutting edge product like :
A Structural Coating
1 Rust Tolerant Coatings
a KemGuard 555 HB
b KemGuard 555 XL
d KemGuard 557
c KemGuard 559
2 Polyurethane Finish
a KemThane 401
c KemThane 411 HB
d KemThane 412
b KemOxyThane 444
3 Inorganic Zinc Silicate
a KemGuard 501
4 Epoxy Coating
a KemOxy 301 Primer
b KemOxy 304 Primer
c KemOxy 305 Primer
d KemOxy 311 Finish
e KemOxy 314 HB
f KemOxy 315 HB
g KemOxy 317 Coat Tar Epoxy
h KemOxy 321 MIO
i KemOxy 322 HB
j KemOxy 324 HB Finish
5 Epoxy Stoving
a KemOxy 318 Black
6 Chlorinated Rubber Coating
a KemChlor 201 Primer
b KemChlor 211 Finish
c KemChlor 221 (MIO)
7 Heat Resistant Coatings
a KemGuard Industrial Aluminium
b KemGuard 250 HR
c KemGuard 500
d KemGuard 600 HR
8 Conventional Coating
a KemPrime 101 ZC Primer
b KemPrime 102 HB ZP Primer
c Kem HB 104 MIO
d KemEnl 111 Finish
9 Exterior Acrylic Water Base
a PrimeCryl 901
b KemCryl 911
10 Miscellaneous Coating
a KemEtch Primer
b KemGuard 588 HB
11 Glass Flake Epoxy Primers & Top Coats
a KemOxy 5001
b KemOxy 5011
12 Novolac Epoxy High Build Coatings
a KemOxy EPN 512
13 Rebar Coating
a KemOxy 331
14 Fire resistant Coating
a KemFire 205
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